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Game Rules & Important Game Information.

Each player makes predictions as to the result of each football match played in their chosen league.

Predictions can be made at any time from the release of the new seasons fixtures on It's A Funny Old Game right up to 11:00:00 on the day of the next match. Players may predict the results for the entire season before it actually begins, or they may predict each game the day before it is played.

For each prediction a player gets exactly right at the end of each football match (exactly the same number of goals scored for the home team and exactly the same number of goals scored for the away team), the player scores 3 pts.

If a player does not predict exactly the result of each match they may score 1 pt if they correctly predict the outcome of the match ie home win, away win or draw.

If a player makes no prediction for a match, the player will receive a +4 addition to their home goal difference for each match left un-predicted. A player who registers but does not make any predictions would finish the season with zero points and a home goal difference of +1520 over the 380 match season.

Goal difference will also be calculated to determine a players position in the event that two or more players have the same number of points.

Goal difference will be calculated as the absolute difference in a players prediction for the home team compared to the homes teams actual score plus the absolute difference in a players prediction for the away team compared to the away teams actual score.

For example if a player predicts a score of 4-1 and the actual score is 1-3, the goal difference will be the difference between the home goals which is 3 and the difference between the away goals which is 2. Making a total of 5. Obviously the lowest goal difference gives the highest position in the event of a points tie as the lowest goal difference is closest to the actual results.

To avoid players sharing placings at month end and season end further measures will be used to determine a players position if players are tied on the same number of points and the same goal difference. Home goal difference will then be taken into account with the lowest figure being highest placed, followed by bonus points with the highest points rating top. Next will be the number of 3 point predictions made, again with the highest total taking precedence. Next the player with the lowest total goal difference on their 1 point matches will be placed highest, followed by the lowest total home goal difference on their 1 point matches. If players are still tied then there will be a sudden death measure using the matches played during the period in question which will order the matches in date order and then alphabetical order and then taking matches one at a time the first player to gain an advantage in points or match goal difference will be placed highest.

When predicting matches where extra time and penalties may be played to find an outright winner the result at the end of normal time (90 mins playing time plus injury time) will be used to award points for predictions - players need to predict what they think the score will be at the end of normal time (90 mins plus injury time).

If a player does not choose a bonus team by the competition registration cut-off date a random team will be selected from the teams in the competition as the players bonus team.
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